from by Sherman Oaks



I just can’t help it my eyelids are closing
Whenever I hear your voice
I want to sleep on your chest
We talked for hours when we were alone
Silence we’d understand
So far we’ve come sadly

There’s something that we can't confess
And it’s burning our insides out
There’s something we’re afraid to admit
And it’s burning our insides out

When we wake up
And you put on the best smile you can fake
While you know that we're drifting further away from reality
When we look at each other and know it's all over
And we tell ourselves that we need each other
In so many ways for times when we don't have a friend to rely on


from Sherman Oaks, released November 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Sherman Oaks Netherlands

Sherman Oaks is a melancholic pop band from the Netherlands.

When they have to describe their music they'll say: "The Beach Boys, but sad."

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